The Dayton Gay Men’s Chorus wants to hear from the youth of our community, and put their voices with our voices.  This contest encourages 14 – 24 year old Miami Valley residents to submit poetry, that will be put to song for 3 original compositions.  The top 3 will be invited to join the DGMC at our 15th annual Pride Concert June 2nd 2018.  In addition, there will be cash awards of $1000, $750 and $500 for the top 3 finalists.



Entrants are strongly encouraged to adhere to a four-stanza format, and may use meter and rhyme, however both meter and rhyme are not required. The final entries will be judged in three main areas:

  • Technical will look at the text both in employing specific poetic convention or departing from it.  Correct employment of the English language, style and grammar
  • Artistic judging criteria will look at the contestants use of imagery and emption to convey the theme. This area will also look at innovation, creativity and originality.
  • Employment of the theme, this area will focus on the writers own experience in what it means to be LGBTQ in the Miami Valley today. The writer doesn’t have to be LGBTQ themselves to experience this, as strong allies are important in any movement.

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